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The 21 st century is the ¡®Century of the Brain.' Research on the brain has vastly improved our understanding of human phenomena, from sensory processing, to the role of our emotions, to decision-making. Neuroscientific understandings inform not only medicine and behavioral science, but now enrich our approaches to even education, economics and spirituality.


The vision of the Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS) is to promote greater understanding of the brain, with respect to recovery and optimization of natural and healthy functioning. To this end, KIBS studies simple, behavioral interventions that may activate endogenous mechanisms for self-regulation.


One of the core research areas of KIBS is heightened sensory perception (HSP). We take HSP to refer also to health, smile, peace . To support the universal values of humanity health, happiness, and peace we foresee that the best solution is the one readily available to all: better use of the brain itself.


To realize this better world, KIBS conducts research, convenes events including the International HSP Olympiad, and sponsors educational and other activities related to the betterment of brain functioning.