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The future of humankind and the earth depends on how humans will appreciate their brain's value and apply it to their real life. From now on it will become more crucial to be able to select and utilize ˇ®good' information rather than just seek information itself.


Multidimensional study of the human brain will help society understand the importance and value of the brain in various social fields such as health, education and culture. Also we will find that, even when presented with the same information, different ways of processing information result in absolutely different consequences, depending on how much we understand the brain's operation and how deeply we can trust it. Therefore the brain-oriented education will play a major role in determining the picture of our planet's future.


When we recognize the power of our brain as an object of utilization, we will realize its ability to create the healthier, happier and more peaceful life that every human being desires.


The Korea Institute of Brain Science has conducted research for over twenty years, and we will do our best to share the optimal methods for utilizing the brain for health and education. We will continue to research and explore the brain with faith and belief that our efforts will bring a bright future for human consciousness and civilization.