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2007. 3

HSP Seminar for World Brain Awareness Week

2006. 10

Founded the webzine 'Brainmedia.co.kr'

2006. 10

Founded the magazine 'Brain'

2006. 5

The 2nd International Brain HSP Olympiad hosted

2006. 3

Brain Respiration Seminar in 6 major cities in Korea

2005. 4 The 1st International Brain HSP Olympiad hosted
2004. 7 2004 International Brain Respiration Symposium ¡®Potentiality of the Human Brain and its Application¡¯(COEX, Seoul / BEXCO, Busan, Korea)
2003. 6 Performed national research project
2003. 5 Seminar of HSP development (Press center, Seoul, Korea)
2003. 3 International Brain Science Symposium ¡®Brain Science and its application for the future of mankind in the 21st century¡¯ (Press center, Seoul, Korea)
2002. 8

Korea Brain Science Symposium ¡®Brain Science and Education for the Gifted¡¯ (Korean Science and Technology Hall)

2002. 8 Renamed as ¡®Korea Institute of Brain Science¡¯
2002. 4

Supported by the project of researching how to enhance public health by Ministry of Health and Welfare, Researched on ¡®Development and analysis of stress-reduction program for health of middle-aged people and its effects¡¯

2001. 9~12 The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Brain Science Seminar
2001. 3

Brain Science Symposium ¡®Change the Brain, Change the World¡¯ (Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea)

2000. 12 Designated as research institute for industrial technology personnel of military service