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[Title] Study of HSP characteristic based on HSP development training
   Purpose of research

Analysis of characteristic of HSP cognitive process

Examination of behavioral features of HSP-trained children
   Contents of research

Scientific study of HSP development training program

We will perform thorough research on HSP development training program through statistical analysis of various phenomena from 1000 elementary and middle school students who have received HSP development training for 1 year. Additionally, we will conduct the study of educational effects in the fields such as concentration, memory, learning efficiency and humanity during the whole period of training.

Study of characteristic of brain wave in HSP mode

Because HSP cognition is made when trainees try to see the objects with their visual sensation restricted, it is reported to have different processing of visual information from visual cognitive mechanism with using eyesight. Conducting the analysis of brain waves of HSP trained children when they displayed HSP function will help examine the characteristic of the brain when HSP cognition occurs. For study of comparative characteristics, we will add the analysis of brain waves of non HSP-trained group.