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[Title] Cognitive neuroscience approach to HSP and analysis of its mechanism through fMRI
   Purpose of research

Analysis of HSP cognition process

Analysis of neural network pattern of HSP through fMRI
   Overview of research

At the 1st stage of all the cognitive activities we can see the existence of associated receptors, which are activated by certain stimulants. The first task to be done is to define which receptors accept which stimulants related to the function of HSP and to find which parts those receptors are distributed over. After this analysis, we are going to discover the cognitive process of HSP.

Generally after receptors are activated, their electrical impulse is delivered to the brain through neural network. With fMRI(functional Magnetic Resonance Image) system, we will illuminate which neural network is used for cognitive response of the information in HSP mode. First of all we need to clarify the territories of the brain activation during HSP phenomenon. Then we will focus on that areas to analyze the passage of HSP cognition.